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Tree removals made easy.



We’re not just a one-trick pony

Our services include the following:


  • Tree assessment

  • Tree removal

  • Pruning

  • Stump removal

  • Mulch sales

  • Mulch spreading

  • Hedge trimming

  • Tree cabling

  • And travel tower hire

John Bailey Tree Removals is a one-stop-shop for all of your tree, hedge and mulch needs - saving you the trouble of hiring more than one contractor. Or even worse, having to do it yourself.

Not sure which service will suit your needs? Book your free quote today to find out.

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Servicing Gisborne and surrounding Macedon area for over 20 years, we also provide stump grinding, mulch spreading and sales, hedge trimming, tree cabling and travel tower hire.


Not sure which services suit your needs?

Based in Gisborne, Victoria, John Bailey Tree Removals have been taking care of trees in the Macedon Ranges area for over 20 years.


Inspired by his father Les, who was a logger, John Bailey started his company over 20 years ago. With his son James on-board, it’s clear that tree works run in the Bailey family.


With decades of experience and know-how, we’re experts at what we do, which means that your property is in the safest hands possible. Let us remove the anxiety hanging over your head so that you can get on with life.  


Contact us to find out how we can get rid of your tree troubles.


We don’t just remove trees either. We also offer tree cabling, pruning, stump removal, hedge trimming, travel tower hire and mulch sales and spreading. Offering an all-in-one service saves you from having to hire multiple contractors (or do it yourself). 


Whether you need a troublesome tree assessed, trimmed back or removed, John Bailey Tree Removals - qualified arborists, can help.

Whether you need a gum tree removed or your garden beds mulched, there’s no job too big or small.


Get in touch today to book your free assessment:

Phone: 0437 035 180

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